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Blog: compare the difference between places or energy meters

This is a summary article. It introduces some functions in the IAMMETER cloud that would help you to analyze energy consumption more efficiently with regard to some specific scenarios.

Compare different places in one account

Function tutorial

Virtual site:

Scenario introduction

You need to manage many places, besides monitoring the energy consumption of each site independently, you also want to analyze energy consumption differences between each site, including the power reading and the periodic(hourly, daily etc..) kWh data.


Highlight introduction



Compare different energy meters in one place

Function tutorial

Compare the kwh/period data of wifi energy meter:

Scenario introduction

If you have more than one single-phase energy meter in one place and you want to analyze the kilowatt hour (kWh) difference between them , or you want to analyze the kWh consumption in different period for one energy meter, this function is fit for you.

Please note, the 3-phase energy meter (both WEM3080TdanWEM3046T) supports split-phase usage, so the 3-phase energy meter can be thought of as 3 single-phase energy meter.

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Pantau sistem PV surya Anda dengan monitor Energi WiFi pintar

Gunakan pengukur energi 3 fase sesuai keinginan Anda